Monday, November 16, 2009

People need people.
Sometimes robots are just not smart enough


Question: i have written a few books, and i am trying to get them published. i have been trying for over two years, but i haven't found anything. i want to find a publishing company that is reliable and will edit my books and work with me to get them in hard cover.

Answer: When dogs lose their hair it is normally a skin condition. You will need to converse with a vet for a skin scraping to ensure it is not a more serious condition. Long haired breeds are prone to hotspots wich cause this however, so you should not be overly concerned.

Question: i need a childrens book publisher that is in rochester ny my book is ready to be proof read and published thankk you

Answer: You can obtain a day care license through the Illinois Dept. of Children and Family Services.

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